March 24, 2006 -- Miss Hell's report from the TWW Santos inauguration set

Seeing a photo from the set of the inauguration scene in "Tomorrow" reminded me of this detailed report from a TWoP poster named Miss Hell. I think some of you will enjoy this trip in the Almost Two Years Ago Machine. Thanks so much, Miss Hell, if you're over here at LJ.

Here's her delightfully thorough report on the shooting on the set on March 24, 2006, and some Q&A with TWoP people:

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Funny on any occasion, but especially today

I know this day is, at best, an irritant to some of my friends. In light of that, I offer you this compilation of Overheard in the Bay Area, courtesy of Strawberry at Tribe.net via my brother:

-- "Remember the first time we kissed?" "Oh, yeah. Was I wearing my white top or my green one?" (Teenage couple, overheard walking on Fourth Street in San Rafael by Patti Brennan.)

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BSG links you may have missed

So I presumed that all the BSG people among us were tracking the episode threads. I'm not sure that's the case, so here are some links I posted in the last week:

1. There's an incredibly cool two-page photo in the latest Entertainment Weekly (Matthew Fox on the cover). It evokes "The Last Supper" and is laden with clues about Season Four. Which starts April 4.

You can view the photo without the spoiler-heavy text here:

Then, if you want to go ahead and be spoiled, click below so as to read the accompanying text. WARNING: Massive spoilers regarding the end of Season 3.


Either way, it's really nice to see BSG get some major-publication coverage. :-)

2. Almost everyone seems to have heard that we finally have a release date for the Season 3 DVDs. Here's a link that includes the box art and details on the extras.


Twenty-five minutes of previously unseen footage for "Unfinished Business!" Sounds cool to me.

Juno -- Want to talk about it? I do.

So I finally saw it.

Wow. Every bit as good as I thought it would be.

Ellen Page is just perfect. But then, so is Michael Cera. But then ... but then ... I hope the cast wins the Screen Actors Guild ensemble award, because everybody was just so good, so real.

Come on in and tell me what you think about this movie.
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